Navigation Bar Updates [Feb 2023]

I’m with @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ. Keep the icons just provide mouse over text.

That really doesn’t help on iPads or phones though if there truly is a problem there to solve.


Glad this is being considered for improvement!

From the screenshot that you show, it is hard to tell what the new home page will look like. Can you either explain what we will see on the homepage besides the top nav or provide an additional screenshot with home page content beneath nav? I.e. Below be the main nav, will there still be a row of challenges, then the row of “for you,” then events, then pace partners, etc?

To my mind, an important issue with the current home screen is that there is too much vertical and horizontal scrolling. It might help if users were allowed to customize be their view by hiding or dismissing things they are not interested in. For example, one could dismiss challenges that they are not participating in and in have the option to hide pace partners that ride at speeds they rarely or never use.

Edit: I wanted to acknowledge that I realize that I have likely strayed beyond the remit of this post in asking about the homepage, but the utility of the nav bar is somewhat interdependent on how the homepage works.

Do they have touch and hold for text? Not sure what they offer.

Not sure, but I have an iPad and wouldn’t know how to get hint text to show, so I doubt that hint text will solve any problem for most iPad users. Again, if there is indeed a big problem to solve here :slight_smile:

I must admit I wouldn’t have thought the icons were confusing. IMO Zwift dev time could be better spent.


Keep the pairing button, and the number how many devices are paired, in sight, please.

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I’m all for the text instead of icons. Several others have mentioned, that we just remember them after a few times, that is definitely not the case for me. I actively have to go through a mental process of connecting some abstract symbolic icon to a certain action each time - this isn’t specific to Zwift, I regularly end up opening the wrong app on my phone or computer for this exact reason. It might just be me, but I really have to go through the “Those lines represent a globe → a globe is symbolic of worlds → worlds is where I get a list of routes” each time.

So for me, text is a big step forward, but as others suggested: Why not make it an option? Many apps do that for their action lines, where people like me can get pure text, others can get icons (and most places you have the option of both as well…).

Also: Workout would be better than train. And I also would prefer “routes” to “worlds”. I know, that you make us select a world before we get the list of routes (even though I would love a list of all routes available that day!). But I don’t go there to select a world, I go there to select a route…

I also agree with others, that there is no reason to move the garage and exit buttons to a menu. It’s not too cluttered to be useful and a bit of clutter is better than more mouse-clicks!

On a side note: I had no idea, there was a drop-down menu if clicking the profile, so I would have been quite confused if something was moved there :rofl: Maybe an indication that this is a menu could be added? Like an arrow pointing down, which even I would have guessed to indicate more information…

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I’m in this camp. That top row of icons functions well.

If there is developer resource available I’d rather see some rationalisation of the information and options available in Zwift(Game app), and Zwift Companion.

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Apple TV!!!1!

Please make as less swipes and clicks as possible. NO EXTRA MENUS, or selecting on tiles with tons of swiping.

Highlight, autoselect what is used most(ie ride button when selected already joined event)

Now even joining a race is tricky, because to start the ride you have to swipe over the cats selection and it’s not clear which button is highlighted.

Caused me some WTRL stress, because a accidentally unjoined and you can’t rejoin without the invitation link.

You can’t use zwift on a phone in portrait mode. I’m android at least, it defaults to landscape

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For me the whole page needs to be transposed.

Menu down the left, as words, include pairing, garage and challenges.

Then all the things the go left to right currently as columns not rows. So you scroll up and down not right and left

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There should be a “save and exit” button on the save screen, the current exit flow is already two unnecessary steps (exit on the menu screen plus confirmation).

Also, the screen while the application is closing seems a bit random, sometimes you get the blue screen with the motivational whatever (which is extra confusing in the first place), sometimes the background of the menu screen, maybe sometimes something else as well.

This idea seems like it has all the important things in one view.



I really miss the old Homescreen.
Everything important was in sight and easy to reach.


Apart from the garage…


Which they are now planning on taking off the top level again with this new change.

My opinion is they should not bother with this pixel pushing, it takes a lot of resources, will likely take multiple iterations, and even then will still upset folks depending on which direction they go. The big upside is maybe a couple hundred milliseconds time savings every so often (for someone who accidentally selected the globe and goes ‘oops’ and then selects the correct icon milliseconds later), unless they need to go dig for something in the sub-menu now for the garage or achievements which will then take longer than it does today: This change does not solve anywhere close to the true problems of the homepage.

There are 100s of more important and useful problems to solve and places to innovate in Zwift rather than moving icons to text on the homepage.


Don’t forget that zwift is a marketing focused company, not a product focused company

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OK, is it just me or what.
I see no reason why this really improves anything.
I figured out what was what pretty quick.
Lets fix other USELESS things that might really be useful like the elevation profile.
Do I need a usable profile graph?
No, I have not had one for a long time.
Would I use a better one?
Will changing Icons to Text do anything for me or make the game more usable?

I prefer text to icons, but would suggest keeping exit separate and outside of the menu. Also keep garage quickly accessible outside if the menu.