Navigating to the climb portal in Watopia (Volcano)

Looking for advice as to what route to select that takes you past the climb portal in Watopia (Volcano circuit?).

Yesterday I organised a banded club ride on the France Casse-Pattes routes. I arranged the ride to last 15 minutes, at which point we were near the left turn for the France portal, the banded ride ended and we were then able to manually turn left and each do the climb as a “free-ride”.

So you get a nice stay together warm-up and then do the climb as you want.

I’m looking to do similar in Watopia but don’t know the best route. Looking for something like a 15-20 minute ride (7-10km) that will end about 0.5km before of the climb portal turn.

Any thoughts?

Volcano flat route is one of your best options, I think. It bypasses the Watopia KOM for a smooth lead-in. Only issue is that it’s a little over 10 km to get to the Climb Portal this way. Other option is the Volcano Circuit, where you can do an extra lap to get up 9.5 km or do it in the first lap to enter the Climb Portal at around 5.3 km. Volcano Circuit CCW is similar, with Climb Portal starting at around 4.5 km or (with an extra lap) at around 8.5 km.

Many thanks @Michiel_van_der_Wal1
Two laps of Volcano circuit might be a good idea as we can spot the turn on the first lap.
Any idea if the turn is more “natural”/better CW or CCW? I’ll do a reccy ride first anyhow.
Thanks again