National Championships 2019 - Southern Hemisphere

Does anyone know if Zwift have announced the date and times for the Southern Hemisphere National Champs on Zwift yet? And which countries will be eligible.

Last year they were held on Sunday 26 August for Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Is it likely that this year they will be held on Sunday 25 August then?

I used the contact feature to ask Zwift Support about the Southern Hemisphere Zwift National Championships and it turns out that these events may very well not take place this year. See their reply below:

" Hi Charles,

Thanks for waiting!

I’m sorry it took a while to get an update. I was able to find out the person who had organized last year’s Southern Hemisphere Zwift National Championships is no longer with us, but we’re currently talking about the event right now. We don’t have current plans on running the Southern Hemisphere Zwift National Championships this year, but we have been discussing it. I’d recommend keeping an eye out on our Facebook page​ and our Community News Page​ for announcements within the next month, but if we don’t hold the event this year, we are interested in bringing it back next year. I’m sorry of that isn’t the best news, but if you’d like to check back in with us later, please don’t hesitate. We’re always happy to help!

Ride On!"

Sad they seemed to get lazy.

Well… that is extremely disheartening for you southern hemisphere guys. But does that mean that the North Hemisphere (USA, UK, etc.) are still scheduled to host a national championship?