Zwift National Championship 2020

Any info when it will be?

Zwift hasn’t set a date yet. Previously they were the third weekend of February. This year national winners will compete on the Swiss course for a UCI esports world champion. The rules and verification process is still in the works I’m told. Weight verification is what the UCI wants to add
Zwift needs to pick a date if athletes are to train with this goal in mind. It’s possible nationals may tie in with the time of the olympics this summer and use the Tokyo course. Zwift is anxious to show they can organize race events for the Olympic committee.

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Wow, thanks for the info!

So August - September? Maybe?

The World’s finals will probably be in September.(This will be a competition for the National winners to go head to head.) I’m guessing March or April for Nationals, especially since the official rules were just released. If Zwift wants these races taken seriously (and they do), then a proper date should be announced long enough in advance that riders can prepare and peak for such an event. Two weeks notice (like in 2019) is not enough for Zwift’s major event of the winter. It has been stated that there will be some races for Zwifters to enter a continental race for those whose nation is not featured in the Nationals, like a European, Asian, African event. (Something I was very vocal about last year.)

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The biggest one-day race of 2018! Zwifters from across the globe will battle for a year’s worth of bragging rights and the right to wear the National Championship jersey for 12 months

.> Blockquote The biggest one-day race of 2019!..

Just to quote ZwiftHQ

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Correct. If there is a chance for a real big event, I want a minimum of 3 months notice. That’s just enough that I can get a couple really good training blocks and a proper taper in. Anything short of that and I would say it’s a half cocked plan from someone that’s never been a competitive cyclist.


Any updates on when the National Championships are going to be.


Anyone know when the USA National Championship will be?

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All they said so far is that there will be National Championships, a new Continental Championships (presumably for those outside the 15 chosen nations) and the highly anticipated World Championships.
However, their said motive was to find a date that would suit the professional peloton to insure their participation in both Nationals and Worlds… I’m not sure what that means exactly.

It means “we” don’t have a date but “we” are trying to talk the world tour riders in hopes that they will step away from a grand tour, the Olympics or the world champs to race Zwift.

Meanwhile there is a community of daily users and rabid Zwift fans who are already interested in preparing and training for a national championship. It’s not about the big names or pro teams, it’s about our community. OURS. The people who actually pay a subscription every month and log in daily. Forget the top tier pros and just schedule a date.


Rumors are floating around supposedly from a Zwift executive that the races will be announced shortly, which I’m not really believing yet. Though the statement said something about all riders will be on the same bikes. So pros who have never Zwifted before will not have a slower bike than experienced Zwifters. Makes perfect sense to take away everyone’s Felt, Cervelo, and Tron bikes. Better practice on your trusty white Zwift steed.

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Then that begs the question… will wheel choice be up to the participant? or is everyone on the basic Zwift Aero frame and wheels? I don’t think that’s a bad decision if they go that route. But then they should also block powerups since that is randomized.

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Any updates ZHQ on when the National Championships in 2020 are going to be?

We are near 1/4 of the way through the year…

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Hi @Shawn_McAfee_DIRT, this is from a different thread:

I’m sorry it took a while to get an update. I was able to find out the person who had organized last year’s Southern Hemisphere Zwift National Championships is no longer with us, but we’re currently talking about the event right now. We don’t have current plans on running the Southern Hemisphere Zwift National Championships this year, but we have been discussing it. I’d recommend keeping an eye out on our Facebook page ​ and our Community News Page ​ for announcements within the next month, but if we don’t hold the event this year, we are interested in bringing it back next year. I’m sorry of that isn’t the best news, but if you’d like to check back in with us later, please don’t hesitate. We’re always happy to help!

Ride On!"

We should just hold a championship weekend anyway, someone should. There’s a lot of articles published that with the UCI there would be 15 champions who would vie for a world title. How could this not be prepared and ready to roll out? I understand the whole Korea and Poland issues. But that isn’t stopping a competition either.

Pick a date, pick a course and let’s roll.

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For something that wants to be part of the Olympics, this is a bit of a joke. Also with all of the IRL events being cancelled due to COVID-19, this should prioritize Zwift championship events even more. You can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make it drink, I guess.

Any updates out there on National Championships?

No updates that I’ve heard about the racing but I haven’t been riding and I’m going to say that my 2020-WFH bod is taking shape!