2019 Zwift National Championships: Feb 24th, 2019

The biggest one-day race returns on Feb 24, 2019. We’re calling all Zwifters from the Northern Hemisphere to battle. :sunglasses:

Prepare for the epic event and read up on all the details of the 2019 Zwift National Championships here!


Is it possible that more countries will be supported in time? There are some notable exceptions. Spain for example.


Checking in on this @Daren

@Daren just an update on this, there are some talks but there’s nothing confirmed at the moment. If I get any new information I’ll reply here!


When are the 2020 Nationals Scheduled?

Any news on the 2020 Zwift Nationals yet?
is this in the weekend of Feb 22nd?

Zwift usually gives two weeks notice. Better start training now.

Already in training for Alpe 'dHuzes (climbing 6x times the Alpe) will do the Nationals in betweeny :wink:

Nationals was two laps of Watopia Figure Eight. Would like to use Yorkshire course this year but Zwift seems stuck on Watopia. The big bonus hinted at this year is that National Champs (and some pros apparently) will get an opportunity to race in September for the first official World’s title. Maybe nationals should finish atop the radio tower. Worlds would be on the new Switzerland course already promised in a UCI contract. Cool right?

Any race would do dor me, but looks promising, cant wait, looks cool to me :wink:

I’d really like a continental championships as well, that would allow anyone from any nation which doesn’t have a national championship to compete for the biggest prize.

Hi Vincent,

Is there maybe any any news on the Nationals coming up soon?