Nations Challenge 2020 FAQ

Q. What are the 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships and who’s competing?
The UCI selected Zwift to host the inaugural 2020 Cycling Esports World Championships. There are two races: one for men and another for women. Zwifters will compete for the coveted Rainbow Stripes kit and World Champion title in Watopia. There is a long list of pro cyclists from across disciplines—road, track, cyclocross, and mountain—as well as triathletes and community racers from all over the world.

Q. How can I race in the World Championships?
The selection process was handled by the National Cycling Federations, and selections were finalized in October 2020. You’ll need to apply to your respective Federation for future events.

Q. What is the Nations Challenge, and how is it different from the UCI races?
The Nations Challenge is a race for community members. The goal is to work together with fellow Zwifters from their country. Riders will race for their country on the official 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships course in Watopia. The country with the fastest average time wins!

Q. When are the events?
The events take place December 1st-9th.

Please visit our 2020 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships to find out what’s on when.

Q. Does the Nations Challenge determine an individual champion?
No. The Nations Challenge determines the fastest nation. This is all about bragging rights! The nation with the lowest average time wins!

Q. Can anyone ride the Nations Challenge?
Yes. Enter your respective country’s Nations Challenge event, or the Rest of World category to take part.

Q. How is the average time calculated?
Zwift is sampling the middle section of riders and taking a mean average of times, without the top and bottom percentages to prevent anomalous results counting.

Q. So if I’m really fast and I’m in the top 1%, my performance doesn’t count?
Your results skew the bell curve higher for other racers from your country. Because this challenge is focused on working together as a team country, you can help boost your country’s overall peformance by taking longer pulls at the front during the event, or by helping fellow Zwifters who need a tow up to the lead group!

Q. If I’m really slow, does it hurt my country?
Your results can slide the average performance lower, yes.

Q. What do I need to know to sign up?
Here’s the landing page for this event.

Q. What’s WTRL?
WTRL is the race and results organiser for this event. You need to create an account on WTRL to participate.

Q. What’s ZwiftPower? How does it tie in with Zwift and WTRL?
ZwiftPower configures data for the event after the finish. You will need a ZwiftPower account to participate. Don’t worry, it’s free!.

Q. What do I need to do to get set up?

  1. a Zwift account.
  2. a ZwiftPower account.
    Here’s how you connect ZwiftPower to Zwift
  3. a WTRL account

Questions about WTRL? Visit the WTRL support page.

Q. How do I sign up for the Nations Challenge?
All events are in the events schedule. The landing page contains more information

Q. What if I need help?
If you need help with the ZwiftPower account, email

If you need help from WTRL, email

Q. Where will results be announced?
Results will be announced on Tuesday the 8th of December here.

Hi @shooj, just want to flag up that most of these links seems to be broken. Please feel free to delete this message when you fix them! :slight_smile:

Thanks - I’ll ask the folks at WTRL.

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Disappearing events? Was all set to ride the Nations Challenge USA this afternoon at 1pm. Signed on to discover the event I signed up for was no where to be found. I understand things change but would be nice to be notified in advance of event cancellations.

When I looked this morning there were some rides that appeared twice in the Companion app for some reason. They looked exactly the same, with the same start time and number of participants. I wonder if there was some sort of bug showing an imaginary duplicate event, and you signed up for that without being aware. The USA event definitely happened:

PORTUGAL no kit?

20 national federation teams are participating in the UCI e-Sports World championships for professional riders. Zwift is following suit for the Nations Challenge community races with the same 20 national flags represented, and a UN flag to represent other nations.