Zwift National Championships - 2019 Results?

(Jon) #1


It was great watching the Zwift National Championship races…I have looked at results across on Zwift Power but I know Zwift said that

“We hope to announce the final results and all the winner’s names by March 3.”

Pretty sure I haven’t missed an announcement… Does anyone know when the official results are likely to be released and the new 2019 national champions recognised?


(Z Kryder) #2

Well, the verification process took longer than expected, a lot longer.
Results will be announced after the British National championships (March 28).
Look for it on FB Monday April 1.

(Z Kryder) #3

Zwift announced results today…

Note Of the winners: 4 of the men finished second, with one third and another 4th place finish.
But, the real problem was Poland. Poland had 300 men and 30 women. No winners were announced for these races. All four of the Korean finishers in the women’s race were UQ (like DQ only ‘unqualified’ is the proper term. Some may simply not have a valid racing license as stipulated in the rules.)
The British race qualifiers had several UQ or NA (not available for finals) which benefited the men’s winner (12th place in the top ten qualifiers)

(Jon) #4

Thanks for the detail @Zee_Kryder… and I’ve seen the news about the reformed ZADA (one of the reasons why it took longer to verify that first thought).

Poland was a surprise. With such a well represented nation its a shame not to see national champions crowned.

Strong showing from the Female races across all nations, with many defending their crown for a second year. Good to see!

Good to see Vujasin take the Belgium champs… It would have been good for Brännlund to have taken the Swedish national champs - being such a strong racer - but as you mention, obviously didn’t have the relevant racing licence.

Looking forward to watching these guys and girls through 2019.