Zwift Race Results

(G F. Giux [BDC]) #1

Hi there, where can I found results and stats for this race? i cant find it never, thanks.

(M-W M-WAdd-GarneauQc) #2

Same question, were can find races results?


(Charlie Issendorf) #3

Zwift Race results are displayed in-game when you cross the finish.  At this time, results are not permanently stored.

Charlie Issendorf / Zwift VP Events

(Denis Fragias) #4

Why  not?


I can’t review results in 20 seconds right after I cross the line -

(Bill Manion EVR (B)) #5

You can check your placement in races in the link below, just make sure you adjust for your time zone, and look for the title of your race.



(David LaRue) #6

Thanks Bill