My Zwift Magna Carta: Ultimate Feature Request

I’m a Zwift fanboy. I started riding outdoors in 2019. I got into zwift at the same time. I have ridden 200 miles on zwift, Veverested Alp Du Zwift and ridden on zwift over 24 hours. I built a zwift mega desk to ride fuego flats and work at my job all day.

Here is my Zwift Magna Carta Feature Request List also emailed to the developer team:

ZWIFT Magna Carta

  1. Better Layout and Navigation Controls on the Menus and Ride selection Screens- it is so hard to mess around with on any Mac device such as Apple TV or an iPad/iPhone.

  2. iPadOS, iPhoneOS and AppleTVOS support to build custom workouts via the Zwift companion app. I have an iPad mini, 2012 MacBook, iPhone 11 and Apple TV. I only want to use my 2012 MacBook to create custom workouts. So here I am with all these devices and no way to use this function that I want to use so badly. Support for workouts to build on my iPhone using the zwift companion app would solve all of this and I wouldn’t have to use my ancient 2012 laptop that is barely supported anymore by zwift because Apple won’t allow it to be updated to Big Sur and currently runs Catalina.

  3. The ability to see workouts on the companion app and set for when I log in and I won’t have to worry about what world or where I want to ride if I don’t want to. I want to be able to look at all the workouts in detail when I am sitting down in the morning or eating lunch without having to log into zwift like I’m about to ride. I like to plan out my day. And I don’t want to have to think about this later when all I want to do is start riding and not trying to figure out what ride I should do or world to ride or workout to select.

  4. Custom stats like calories, power zone number, and elevation with the companion app. This is just low hanging fruit. I want to see the stats I want to see. I want the gradient in my face and bigger, and want to see my power zone on my phone in front of me if I’m using a little screen like an iPad mini. I mean, on screen, just have the power zone change the color of the power zone boarder that is always blue. Easy patch, easy user life improvement.

  5. Use the companion app to my accomplishments on zwift and check the status of my current ones not in the menu screen or having to start a ride. Sometimes I want to look at all this at work or when I am relaxing.

  6. Custom screen views to display data on screen

  7. Where the power is displayed, have the option for it to change colors based on the zone you are in. Talked about in number 4 and deserves its own bullet point.

  8. Use the zwift or companion app to review rewards

  9. Have the ability when you select a ride, even if you have done it before, to have the screen tell you when you have reached the end of that ride. This only happens the first time you ride a course. It motivates me to know I completed it after I have already ridden it. Then I can change courses or keep riding. Easy notification low hanging fruit here.

  10. Customize power zone colors so I can match the same colors to my wahoo roam. What color matches what, who, when, where, why? Why are all the colors on all these platforms different? Let’s make it confusing for the user. Or a simple preference and or setting change to set for Garmin/wahoo/or just simply make the user do it custom. Don’t waste the developers time.

  11. Oh I got a notification my friend is Zwifting. I want to watch! I want to ride. Jump into either companion or zwift app to watch and or join instantly where they are.

  12. Ability to chat someone while they are riding and not just a ride on. Sure I can text them, but why not chat them in game. I don’t always have my friends in Englands cell number…

  13. I want the ability to ride any world I want any day. Probably everyone suggested.

  14. Mario cart style game play. Throw shells, cause 20% gradient to hit your opponent. Make it crazy, make it gamer, make it fun. You are welcome to hire me as leading ideas man after this suggestion.

That is a lot of good features. I would suggest that you split them into separate feature requests. Remember to do a search to see if it has been requested before. In that case, just give a vote :+1:

When you get at least five ideas come to life, then apply.
Mario Crit would be great (but suggested a lot)
What do you think of a Moon Base World?