Workout Overviews

I use Zwift on Apple TV and navigating selectable items on a screen can be challenging. More so when looking at workouts - especially for those that span multiple weeks and the Plans?

I’d like to see all the workouts in a plan so I can plan my weeks, mentally prepare, etc.

It would be great if we could review all the workouts/plans on Zwift website and/or have an “email to me” option in the Zwift App to send us a formatted PDF will info.

Ride on!

Edit: You can actually see all of your future workouts in a plan by selecting “Training” in your Ride Type menu before riding, or by clicking Menu then selecting Workouts. You can scroll through and check out all of the future workouts! I still do like the email idea as that might be more appealing to use visually (if that was what you were getting at). 



Ya, rather see on a webpage or email - Apple TV navigation isn’t the greatest. Can see much either using Zwift Companion. 

Also allows me to get visualize upcoming workouts while I may not be at my bike, from work, etc…

For me I like to see what’s coming up so I can do some of my workouts outside and still stick to the plan. Seeing details of what’s coming up is helpful.

Definitely, that’s a very convenient idea. 

Just wanted to add some more comments. I’m using a GranFondo Workout plan and find that I’m referring to it almost daily - determining what’s to come over the next week, plan my inside vs outside rides.

I really feel that it would be a good thing to allow access to this info outside of the Zwift app. Would make Zwift part of my planning and training even more and the more I come to Zwift site the more I incorporate riding on Zwift app to supplement my outside rides.

Would love to be able to:

  1. Review complete workouts for whole plan - look ahead

  2. Mark workouts as complete when I do them outside

  3. Export workouts so I can upload them to my bike computer



Very cool ideas Stephen! There has been some buzz in the community about implementing features similar to what you’ve mentioned. I’ll log it and forward the request over to the appropriate departments. :slight_smile: