My wife's zwift account uploads to my strava account

My zwift used to upload to strava, but my wife’s didn’t. She uses an iPhone exclusively to browse the internet and zwift. We couldn’t find out the problem, so I logged into her zwift and strava accounts from my computer. I had my zwift and strava accounts open in separate tabs. I enable zwift to upload to strava on her account, and closed and saved. Her zwift rides still do not upload to strava, my zwift rides no longer upload to strava… Initially, my zwift rides would up load to strava, but in my wife’s name. She didn’t do the ride (we only have one trainer, and do zwift on my laptop app. She uses her iPhone for zwift, but did not do a ride with me). I disabled the ability for her zwift to upload to strava, and now when I upload to strava manually from zwift, it shows my ride and that my wife rode the same ride, even when she didn’t.

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