My wife's ride counts as my ride [SOLVED]

My wife and I both have a Zwift account. Today my wife rode 20k on her own account (we double checked). While saving her progress to Zwift and Strava the ride changed from her ride to my ride. We use the same iPad.
Yesterday I rode Tempus Fugit 36km. This morning my wife also rode Tempus Fugit. I don’t know if it matters, but maybe it is relevant. My own ride on Zwift was replaced by my wife’s ride on Strava both rides count as my ride. We really hate it when the numbers are screwed. Does anybody else have this problem or how can we fix this?!

Hi @Maarten_Groenewegen welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’m looking at your session logs on our server, and I see a 36.37 km ride on Tempus Fugit that ended yesterday Jun 22 2020 18:03 CEST.

Please log into your account on and verify if there’s a ride in your Activity history with this time stamp?

This same ride should also appear on your Activity history on the Zwift Companion app, please verify?

A scenario that can cause account confusion is having more than one device (say, an iPhone and an iPad) logged in to the same account at the same time. If you have the Zwift game app installed on more than one device, please ensure that you’ve logged out all of the devices before starting a session. I would suggest this as step #1 in your case.

A mixup like this can also happen if multiple members share the same iPad / device to log in. Was your wife prompted to select an account before riding, or did it not give her a chance to choose?

Let’s figure out what’s happening with your accounts within Zwift before taking on the sync issues between Zwift and Strava.

Ah! This may be related to an issue I had, where my rides were showing up on my GF’s PR list, even though they were clearly from my activities (visible in my account). It happened only briefly, and eventually those PRs passed beyond the 30 day window and were gone.

She was really upset about it, saying seeing my faster times was discouraging.

Hi @shooj,
I’ve logged into my account on and there is no ride with the timestamp Jun 22 2020 18:30 CEST. The ride is also missing in the companion app.
Today my wife rode the same distance and route as yesterday and it logged fine. Directly after this I rode 18 km same route as my wife. In between the rides I closed Zwift completely on the iPad. Now everything works fine. So this does the trick.
Only thing that is gone is my 36.37 km ride :frowning:
Kind regards. Maarten

Thank you for coming to let us know this resolved the problem.

I’m having this problem. Did you find a resolution?

Even though we switch between accounts my husbands PRs come up as mine

No… it didn’t happen again and eventually 30 days had passed and the rides fell out of the time window. There’s clearly some funny business with how Zwift manages these results on the device.

Hi Sarah,
We found a solution to this problem. We use an iPad to Zwift. The problem occured when one of us was ending a ride and the other started a new ride when the app was still open. In this case the rides got mixed up. The solution is to completly close the Zwift app. So not only by exiting the app but also closing it by swiping the app to the top (there is probably a better way to explain this, but swiping to the top is what we do to close an app on an iPad.) Hope this helps.
Ride on.

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Good day,
We are having an issue where we use separate laptops for Zwift but my wife’s ride comes up on my Strava feed as my ride.
We dont share any devices or emails.

We both have Zwift linked to our Garmin and Strava accounts, I am still on the trial but my wife has a Zwift account.
Any idea why this is happening?

Hi @Tertius_van_Staden welcome to Zwift forums

I’m seeing logins on your account from a Windows laptop and a Huawei P30 tablet, and in some cases both are logged into the server simultaneously. Concurrent logins create all sorts of problems including this one.

Please see my post upstream, and make sure you and your wife are both logged into from only one device.

Would you loop back to confirm this cleared your problem?