My result has disappeared

Hi guys I’ve raced twice in the Get Rolling series and my profile shows I’ve raced twice but when I click on the results for those races my name doesn’t appear in it anymore?
Any ideas?

The HR next to your results means you were disqualified for racing without a HRM, which is a requirement for the series (and most Zwift races). This is in the event description, but with such a huge description, and this at the very bottom, not surprised you didn’t see it.

Oh ok cheers Dan I have noticed there are 3 people in the results page that have no HR monitors on their results which is strange but everyone seems to have one so must be right.
My results showed up straight after the race in results but obviously been taken out afterwards.

For those that have results but no HR data, they have not given Zwitfpower permission to display HR data (you can change this under Profile/Settings).

All events have varying levels of post event processing (they are finalised once everyone’s lightning bolts go blue). They have to wait to see if the people that haven’t finished yet are just having a nap or something like that. So your DQ sounds like it was just delayed due to backend processing.

EDIT: I see you are new to Zwiftpower racing - you’ll likely have amore questions over time so feel free to keep posting up any querries but someone posted this the other day which might be quite helpful for you. Cheers


@Dean :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

“…pumped a little money to the guys at zwiftpower…and finally bought out zwiftpower…”

Absolutely hilarious.


Confession … hadn’t watched it. :woozy_face:

Thanks for your help Dean.