Why don't I see my name in races in Zpower?

Today I did a session 3R racing at 5 pm EST and looking at the results I can’t see my name . Why ? I was using a smart trainer AND wearing a HRM ??

Is your name in the Filtered results or missing completely?

Hi @Philippe_Donnadieu

If you are referring to this event ZwiftPower - Login

You are in the filtered results, you got a UPG (upgrade flag)

Is this a brand new smart trainer? Looks like your first race with a real power meter, and prior to that you were classified as A+ (pro level) on ZwiftPower.com, looks like the speed sensor was giving you super human results. You can ask zwiftpower@zwift.com to reset your account to when you got the smart trainer, then all the old results will be deleted.

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