HR and weight consent


First of all: I wanted to include my zwiftpower link and the event link but for some reason this is not allowed… Thus I deleted the zwiftpower general website: :slight_smile:
ZP profile:/profile.php?z=1142352
Race link: /events.php?zid=1596276

I was disqualified from a race last night because my heart rate was not visible.
After looking into this on the forum/FAQ I found that I needed to give consent to zwiftpower to display this data.
(I’ve been racing in the WTRL and never got DQ’ed, even if i finished in first place, so it’s strange that this happened now.)

I have now done this, and the HR data is also available on my strava. WiIl I now get my result back? Will that HR data now appear for all previous races? Or is there something else I can / Need to do?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards
Dennis Hoste