My races are not saved

Anyone else having problems with their races/group rides not being saved after completion?

I can manually go into the race and see my name in the results but it isn’t being saved as a completed activity in my activity feed or being saved to garmin or strava. Really annoying. Normal rides and training sessions seem to be saved.

After completing a race I click “ok” on the race result and then after a while esc then save and exit.

This has only recently stopped working.

Me too. It happened this morning after I did stage 5 of tour de Zwift. Still not saving. I’ve tried uninstalling all the apps and still not showing up. Thought it might be something to do with my Strava app so I uninstalled it too. Still not showing up. Frustrating

Yeah pretty sure it’s a Zwift bug. I’m using Zwift for Mac. And the ride doesn’t even appear in Zwift companion.

@Tom_Blackmore and @Jeff_Jackson

Shuij at Zwift HQ here. When I see multiple reports about the same issue, I investigate what might be happening. In both your cases, our servers are showing you have Macs running Big Sur OS, is that correct?

The thing I’m seeing is that both of you have concurrent log ins. Normally, when using the same computer - you’d log in to zwift, then log out to save & upload that session. If I see a log in followed by another log in (from the same computer) it might mean that the game app crashed. Did that happen to you recently?

If so - we just released a patch for MacOS this afternoon, after you both posted here. That should resolve the crash-at-the-end issue for you.

If the app didn’t crash - can you describe in more detail what happened at the end of the session? Did you save & exit to finish the session? Did you see a “network error” message during the exiting process?

I’ve never had the app crash. Nothing out of the ordinary happened when I completed the ride. I will go for another ride this morning to see if the issue was fixed in the recent update. Thank you

After the end of the trip, sometimes the data is transferred to Strava instantly, sometimes you have to wait a very long time. Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes. If you do not wait and press cancel, the application freezes and nothing happens. It seems to me that the problem is not with my computer, but with the Zvift server with the identification of my trip. In addition, sometimes incomplete data gets into Strava, in particular, with whom I was in the race.
Short races and with a small number of participants, everything is fine. But if there is a long race and a large number of participants, then there may be problems with the transfer to Strava. After the last update of Zwift, there are fewer bugs, but not perfect.

Just finished with a ride and it worked fine. Thank you. I’ll keep monitoring it in the future.

I completed Zwift Stage 5 yesterday, and although Zwift shows the Activity, it DID NOT credit stage 5 and did not credit the distance drops or elevation. ZwiftPower shows my data. Clearly this is a Bug in Zwift. This occurred after an update in Zwift a few hours earlier. No Zwift Stage 5 badge credited. I did same process to save as always.

I am having the same issue.
Free ride seems to be working fine but when riding races and group ride the workout does not get saved on Zwift or is not sent to Strava.

I can see the race result on Zwift power.
I try to clean the activity folder on my mac and I do think there is an issue with the way the races activities are saved.

See my folder after 1 race. Only one of the file is a valid .fit file. (the biggest one)

The application did not crash.
I am running macOS Big Surr and my Trainer is a wahoo kickr core

Thanks in advance for the help.

I’ve got the same problem. Trainings are saved perfectly, but races seem to vanish after I exit the application. I’m doing my race, save it, exit. and it’s gone… It happened 2 times now.

I also can not find them as mentioned above in the activity feed map…