My avatar is not moving, watts are staying at 0, rpm OK


I just bought a elite suito and I have a dongle ant+.
The suito is connected to zwift (green led) and is 3 meters away from the computer and the ant+ dongle.
When I want to go for a ride my avatar is not moving , watts are staying at 0 but RPM is working.

Can you help me?



Buy a USB extension cable and put the ANT+ dongle more near to your trainer.

Have you connected Power with ANT+ or ANT+ FE-C?
Use ANT+ FE-C for both power and controllable.

Can you show us a screenshot of your Pairing screen while you are pedaling.

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Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 14:32, Paul via Zwift Forums a écrit :

Hello Ben, when im starting Zwift it tells me that power, cadence and controllable is connected.

How do you do to use Ant+ FE-C?

I bought an usb extension cable I will receive it on friday normally.
By the way I tried Bkool and it s working.
Thanks again for your help,


I would like to see the Zwift Pairing Screen (the screen where you connect your sensors) while you are pedaling.

Le mar. 7 avr. 2020 à 18:02, Damien Lemercier a écrit :

Change all connections to the FE-C option.

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How do you change connections to FE-C option?

Thanks again

Use the orange button under each section, unpair and then search for the ANT+ FE-C option.


I tried this morning with the FE-C option and it’s working now!!

Thanks everyone for your help!!