My 3 month membership has been wrongfully deactivated

In October i bought a 3 month membership and I activated it on October 8. It lasts until January 7, 2021.
I have been zwifting almost daily since then, no issues
But today I entered Zwift and I saw the “25 km remaining” banner and the 3 month membership isn’t showing up at my. zwift. com/ billing/ membership.

I tried to activate the code again and it says “This promo code has been voided.”

I would like to have my Zwift membership reinstated.

Well, it seems that Zwift deactivated the gift card because I got it from a reseller. Fortunately the reseller agreed to give me the money back.
But I think Zwift should have given me a heads up by email. Cancelling a subscription without explanation is a ■■■■ move.