Multiple click acct connection issues

Have 2 click hub trainers. I have 1 and an account and the wife has one with her own acct. We each have companion app on our phones and tablets. We connect it all to Apple TV. The first device that is used as a bridge for the companion app is the only device that will show the click remote and connect on the Apple TV going forward. So if I download Zwift on Apple TV and I use my phone to bridge companion app to Apple TV then when my wife tries to do the same with her phone the click fob does not show up under connected devices and you can not shif gears with out it. If she logs into the companion app on my phone, then the Apple TV shows the click fob when she signs in. Some reason it pairs with an initial device and won’t work with other devices then. This only seems to affect the click fob tho. Because I can use another device if I don’t need to use my click. I have the Zwift play controllers and they seem to always show up regardless of which device is used or paired first. If you delete Zwift off Apple TV and redownload then you can pair any device for click fob but that device will be the only one click will work with.