Companion App - Bridge to Apple TV?

Looking to get better bluetooth range from my Apple TV4K down to my kickr and thinking I could use the companion app on my iphone to help bridge the connection. When I look at the zwift support page it says that I should see a phone icon in the upper left to know that I’m in bridge, but I don’t see that. How do I do this correctly? I have confirmed in the settings of the companion app that I have device connection enabled.


Hey Brad! You don’t get prompted to use Zwift Companion as a connection until you’ve used all your available BLE connections on Apple TV. Then you should see a pop up on your screen that asks if you want to link via Zwift Companion.

Is there a way to force that to go through the companion?


This is from over a year ago and I don’t see any additional comments about forcing to use companion? Is this possible? My Apple TV is in a central electronics home run closet nowhere near my bike trainer. My only hope for using Zwift on Apple TV is if I can force it to use Zwift Companion for all connections versus only after the first 2 are taken.

If your ATV is not near your trainer, how do you start it up and control it? :thinking: I use ATV and can’t imagine how I would do things like start Zwift, change bikes, end the ride, etc. if the ATV wasn’t within range of the remote.

My Apple TV is controlled through a Control4 whole-home automation system. It uses long range WiFi remotes that connect to the controller in the central closet and then the Control4 system uses a network connection to the Apple TV to control it. (I also sometimes use the Remote app in my iPhone or iPad)