Multi sport plan

Have looked at the multi sport plan for the off season and although the cycling programmes are ideal I would much rather complete the suggested run sessions but outdoors. I use a Garmin 920XT and it would be nice if the run data could be linked to the Zwift plan. Unfortunately Zwift do not have this facility but any thoughts out there?


Hi mate,

Although you cannot upload your workout done outdoor to Zwift, you can mark the workout in Zwift as “I did it”. You’ll lose out on the XP and stars from that workout, but in the plan it’ll take it as a completed WO. I believe it is the same for the multi sport training plans too in game.

Thanks for that update. I might just try that. Is it easy to mark session as “I did it”? Quite new to Zwift and this will be my first plan to follow.



Yep, it’s easy to mark it. Open up zwift, scroll to the workout, and you’ll see a text “I did it”. just click on it (or tap in on mobile device).


Thanks Andras