Move the location of the default Zwift folder?

Is it possible to move the location of my Zwift folder?

I’d like to put it into either Dropbox or OneDrive so that custom workouts etc are automatically saved.

This on Windows.



Hi Greg,

This is currently not planned. However, you can set up both Dropbox and OneNote to sync JUST the Documents\Zwift\Workouts folder. I would not recommend it syncing any other folder, however.

Please consult your DropBox and/or OneNote documentation for further instructions on how to do so.

I suppose with OneNote you refer to Microsoft OneDrive ?  And I addition suppose any other cloud storage can be used, such as Google Drive.

Hi Eric,

Dropbox says the following, is this what you were suggesting will work?


Can I have Dropbox sync files outside my Dropbox folder?

Right now, Dropbox will only sync the files in your Dropbox folder.

However, there is a way to sync a folder using Dropbox and still access it from outside your Dropbox folder. For example, say you want to use Dropbox to backup a folder and make it accessible from all of your computers. However, you still want to be able to access it from its current location. In this instance, you can move the folder you want Dropbox to sync into your Dropbox folder and set up a shortcut (Windows), alias (Mac OS X), or link (Linux) to access it from its former location.

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You can do this on Windows with Junctions, without breaking anything related to Zwift. I do this for my screenshots so every screenshot I take is automatically in Dropbox, and available to every device I have connected to that Dropbox account. 

You don’t need to change your Dropbox configuration _at all _to use this method. 

What are Junctions David?

Junctions are the Windows equivalent of symlinks.

Thanks David, 

If anyone else stumbles across this, then I MOVED the workouts directory into dropbox.

Then the command I used from an Admin Command Prompt was:

mklink /J C:\Users\USER\Documents\Zwift\Workouts “C:\Users\USER\Dropbox\zwift backup\Workouts”

Where the Workouts Directory in Dropbox existed and then one in Zwift DIDN’T EXIST.

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Right, that’s exactly what I do also, for data + screenshots. The real directory resides in Dropbox, and the symlink/junction resides over in my \Documents or \Photos directory.

I also do something very similar for cloning the Zwift install in my HexaZwift configuration (6 simultaneous Zwift sessions on the same PC under the same login) to ensure that all clones (up to 12 now) are using the same binaries and updated core tree of data.