Dropbox sync

While we can download the workouts, it would be great if there was an option to automatically sync them to Dropbox.


Maybe the sync website tapiriik can help you. If you have Strava connected to Zwift you can sync using tapiriik->


The activity files are automatically written to a directory on your PC.

i’ve not used dropbox for a while but I’d hope it was possible to select the directories on your PC which are synced to it.  If this is possible then you could simply add this directory to the list.

Why do you actually need this though? I ask as you can download the data from the Zwift website.  If you are syncing to Strava you could also export the file from there (all be in a different format)

Where are the activity files. Can’t seem to find them on the PC. If they are, then there’s a quick workaround of course. Sync them into dropbox folder regularly and be done with it but it’s still not seamless.

Ah,  apologies… forgot to answer why I need this. I just like to own my data and having it on my Dropbox feels safer than having it just on Zwift servers. Besides, if I have the data I can run analytics on them which otherwise would not be possible. I could download my workouts one by one from Zwift but that’s just too cumbersome.



On my PC there is a folder called “Zwift” in My Documents.  Within this folder is sub-directory called “Activities”.  Within this directory you will find the FIT files.

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Braandon,  I tried looking for the activities on my PC but can’t find them. Where is the folder with the activities?