add api for sync'ing/downloading files

As a user of GoldenCheetah and sometimes WKO+, it would be nice if I could download the files directly from zwift into those programs.

You can add your data into any program you wish. The fit files live in documents/zwift/activities. Last time I tried the files worked in both wko+ and GC. doesn’t return anything.

Oh wait…you mean they live on the machine that runs zwift? That’s not necessarily the machine that’s used for data analysis.

They live in the Documents/Zwift/Activities folder on your PC. If that is not the machine you use for analysis, then one option would be to use a USB stick to transfer the files.

Additionally they live on the zwift website under your activity feed. Each activity should have a download link to grab the fit file from there.

What I do is copy the file from zwift, ergvideo, etc. from the location they are deposited in on the pc in the garage with my trainer to dropbox on that pc. Then it syncs with the pc I use for analysis and I upload at that pc. It would be a very nice feature if instead of depositing files at C:\Users\User Name\Documents\Zwift\Activities, the user could pick the location at which to save. So, for instance, I could put the folder in dropbox or onedrive and skip this copying step.

Also, please add sync for other analysis web sites. Training peak at a minimum.

I attempted to load a fit file to WKO+ and WKO does not recognize the file type. What am I missing here?

@paul ozier, fit file format changed recently. When I first opened this request, zwift-generated fit files claimed that they were from a garmin 500. They now embed a different ID.

I will be honest and say that I haven’t fired up WKO+ in over a year, so I don’t know if the fit files work in there.

Maybe WKO+ support is broken? I’ll put it on my list to check it out again. I too don’t use it as much as I used to.

wko does not support fit files as far as I know. I am running 3.0. I know there is a 4.0 release and maybe that supports fit. One way to do it is to load the fit file into garmin connect. Then export it as a tcx to a folder or to the desktop. WKO will open the tcx file. Unfortunately it isn’t bringing across the power data. Not sure why


@scott, seems odd that wko doesn’t support fit files. At any rate, this wouldn’t be an issue if Zwift had an automatic upload to training peaks, which as I understand will then sync with wko. One more reason Zwift should have automatic upload to TP, IMO. 

WKO3 and 4 both support fit files. You import them through the device agent.  I recently dumped a pile of Zwift generated .fit files into WKO4 and it worked fine here.  What problems were you having?

TP auto upload is one of the very next things on the todo list for our server guys.  

 I was  trying to use the open file option  and the .fit wasn’t one of the extensions. I tried the device agent but doesn’t that have to come from a device like a Garmin 500? I will try the device agent again. Thanks. 

I just dragged and dropped the Zwift .fit file from the Zwift Activities folder into Device Agent and it worked fine.