Mouse pointer

Hello all

When I log on to Zwitf my mouse pointer disappears, so I can’t navigate to the next screen. The only way out is Ctrl/Alt/Delete. About have any ideas?


Hi @Bruce_Little, welcome to Zwift. The easy way to control Zwift is either the companion app or to use a touch screen. If you have more than one PC then you could use remote software like TeamViewer or Anydesk, I have used this method before so I can run Zwift on my gaming machine an just have a cheap laptop (2nd hand from eBay) actually by the bike. So far I have ruined two keyboards with sweaty hands so now I have a cheap Bluetooth keyboard to and never touch the PC other than to switch on or off.

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Did you try windowed mode?


Thanks Richard & Gerrie! It was stuck in windowed mode. So I couldn’t see the mouse pointer. Kind of like parking a car with a blindfold on lol.
Thanks again

I have found solution for windows 10 user.

1- click right on zwiff app icon
2- click property
3- go to compatibilty
4- select “desactivate optimisations for full screen mode”
5- Run Zwift and Ride On

Many thanks, Samuel