Finding Mouse Pointer

For some reason Zwift reacts weird when the mouse pointer trail is activated on Win10. This is a feature I used a lot to find the pointer on my screen. I’m ~20ft away from a 41" display. With all the activity (colors) in game I find it extremely difficult to find the pointer when I want to do something quickly i.e return a ride on. Any tips on how to improve visibility of the pointer in game? I tried different pointer sizes and colors but did not find any significant improvement.
BTW I gave up on using the companion app since it is (was) very buggy and more trouble than it is worth.

OMG, 100% this! I’ve commented on it before. IIRC in the context of making turns, but also just for trying to quickly click the orange thumb when someone nearby sets a new PR/achieves a mileage goal etc. Half the time by the time I’ve found the cursor, the thumb has gone from the screen.

It would be nice if we can have more KeyBoard interaction.

CTRL+ UP/Down Arrow = Move up and down the rider list and ENTER give a ride on.
CTRL + Left Right Arrow = Cycle thru the onscreen menus and ENTER select action.

I’m having a difficult time using the interface on my MacBook (built in trackpad and keyboard) while riding, and I’m still learning how to use the companion app.

Part of my difficulty definitely stems from not being able to see the mouse pointer. But, I’ve got old eyes. I run HDMI to my big TV, and I wear my distance glasses as I ride. But, I need my reading glasses to see my computer (set up beside me) or the companion app on my iPhone.

If I could change the colour and size of the pointer to something big and obnoxious it might really help.

This may sound counter intuitive but I found that a 27" gaming monitor mounted within arms reach is a lot more engaging than my 46" TV far away.

I think zwift is closer to gaming that watching TV. Pro gamers use screens up close not TV’s on the wall.

Look at the distance between the bike and the screen. (I would move them even closer)

Hi Shelley,
have you seen the Apple Remote Trackpad?
I use a Macbook also but have it set up out of harms/sweats way and
use the track pad to control the mouse pointer.
I really like it as it feels just like the main trackpad. I bought a
second hand one and it seems fine. I realise that it won’t help with the
companion app though.

Hope that might help.

That will definitely help but I have dual big screens and I use the setup for stuff other than indoor training and having the trainer so close to the screen will mean a constant shuffle. Maybe I should spend the weekend trying to figure out how to make it work though. The other thing that will be a bit of a challenge is the fan positioning. Having enough space between the trainer and the monitor for the fan to be at torso/chest level without obstructing the view will result in some trade off. I used to have the fan on the floor blowing up at me but found it much more efficient at cooling when it blows head on.

I have two fans on the floor blowing up, and then a smaller one above the screens blowing down on my head and shoulders. I found the top one helps a lot.

I completely agree - smaller screen and closer is much better!

I have a 13" windows tablet and use it without an additional screen but mounted pretty close to my bike.

I may be an odd case though as i often use just my phone and find that to be fine!

I’m only about three feet away from the TV, due space limitations, so it fills up my field of view quite well. It is a small living room, and my rowing machine is squeezed into it, too. When my son’s Zwift setup is added, I may have to toss out the sofa. :laughing:

I may order a trainer table, but it would interfere with my fan placement. I’m still trying to get my setup correct.

I do have one of those, and they’re handy.

I just don’t have a place to put it in my current Zwift setup. I’m still working getting the positions of things correct. I need at least one more fan, and maybe another/different table.

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