Mouse pointer missing after saving ride

After I finish and SAVE a ride, and return to the main screen, my mouse pointer is missing. If I move it round, I can see the EXIT button wavering as if I’ve mouseOver’ed it. And some of the other buttons. Really annoying.
Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 19043.1348)
Zwift 1.0.85684
Launcher 1.0.52

Can’t say why it changes (I’ve never had this problem) but try enabling pointer trails in mouse properties.

I’ve had this happen in full screen mode. if you switch back to desktop and then return to zwift, you may see the pointer again. (i press windows key, then click back in via task bar)

rarely, I’ve had to do this twice to see the cursor again.

For now, my Work-Around is: ALT-Tab to switch back to my desktop (I run Zwift in full screen mode on my gaming computer, windowed mode on my laptop). And then I click on other tasks and bang on the mouse like a cat squeezing the life out of it - a real dance, if I’m still on the trainer… and then click on the Zwift tab, and sometimes the mouse it back. Other times, I just blindly select Exit if I can blindly move the mouse to near that button. It’s not a solution.