More TimeTrial gear

Since we now have more TT frames, a great TT course (Fuego), i would love to see more TT helmets and maybe a few skinsuit jerseys.

I think it would be great to do a Fuego loop thing with prizes in a way similar to the AdZ or a nice challenge where you get to keep a helmet and/or jersey.

Name some of the helmets you would like to see added.
How about a ‘behind the saddle’ water bottle?
Personally I would like to see the White Campy Disc wheel.

And also HED Tri-spoke

Flo Wheels and Felt bikes.

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Behinbottle sounds great!

Since we can unlock the Vanquish, why not the Aerohead?

Since it’s super popular, the Rudy Project Wing57

Since we also have other specializes stuff, their S Works TT helmet


in zwift orange too.

Louis Garneau P-09

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Contact the company and ask them to talk to Zwift.
Maybe Giant will sponsor their Trinity Advanced Pro TT bike.
That’s how we got Diamondback on board.

We need a Ventum Challenge to earn this paint scheme, yes?


Tron Helmets are popular. Had to find this old page of mine.