More Power Curves for supported trainers

I have a CycleOps SuperMagneto PRO trainer and I’d like to request at least the power curve for the “Interval” (or maybe “Mountain”?) setting on it be implemented and available as an option (see Most other apps I looked into (Rouvy, SufferFest, Trainer Road, etc…) have all 4 power curves implemented. I prefer the features of Zwift, but that limit may become a problem not too far into training.

I thought I was going to be able to use Zwift to get some solid training in with the equipment I already had (CycleOps SuperMagento PRO and ANT+ speed/cadence sensor), but certain parts of the Build Me Up training program aren’t really possible. My 52x11 gearing runs out of gears when I need to do low-cadence at power levels above 220W or so. It’s unfortunate, since the trainer has 4 total resistance settings, 2 of which are higher than the one Zwift implements.

Thanks for the consideration! Love it otherwise