additional zPower curves for trainers with adjustable resistance

(Paul Little) #1

Hello, firstly I was really quite excited when I got the email saying that zPower support had been added for my trainer (Elite Power Mag) and once up and running (PC needed a little upgrading) I have had a good experience on the island.

However I notice that there is only one zPower curve available for each trainer. This probably doesn’t apply to fluid trainers but my trainer has multiple resistance levels (as I think do most magnetic trainers) and I find the level supported (Level 3) does not quite provide enough resistance when it comes to the sprint and I end up spinning out in top gear (53x12)

I also use TrainerRoad which provides power curves for all 8 levels available on my particular trainer. I don’t think it is necessary to provide zPower curves for every setting on a trainer but it would be nice to have a range available, For example maybe adding L5 and L7 zPower curves for my trainer (L3 of course is already available)



(Andy Wilkins) #2

I have exactly the same problem. L3 is not hard enough for sprinting even when in 50x11 using Tacx Boost trainer

Will more curves become available?