Monitoring Group Workouts

As a coach I organise group training sessions within the Zwift platform. I’m unable to join the meet up due to being abroad for a number of weeks. Is there anyway that I can watch and monitor the session without taking part?

Thank you

You can watch them by entering the game on your phone or ipad if travelling. Or if you use discord maybe they can share their screen with you.

I do use discord! However, normally type prints and guidance as we go through the session.

I know I can enter the meet up but once they all take off from the side of the road then they’re out of sight in no time. I tried highlighting one of the group names on the right but it didn’t allow me to piggy back one of them, if you get my meaning.

By simply entering the game it will not allow you to navigate the route with the group?

No, you will need to “watch” them, and you should be able to use the companion app to switch between them. Your avatar will stay at the side of the road at the beginning of the meetup.

Once you’ve entered the same world as them (this won’t work if you’re on a different world), then you need to pull up their profile on Zwift Companion (e.g. by looking at the list of online Zwifters that you follow) and then clicking on the Fan View button.

Great Steve, thank you, I’ll certainly give it a go!