Mobile Link Event Details - Jersey Question

When I’m in the Mobile Link app, on an event details screen, at the bottom it shows the number of laps, reminder, etc. Also, it shows a jersey icon, in my case for the MiniFondo on Jan 4 2018, it shows ‘Vintage 3’.

My question is: Does that mean everyone who completes the event gets that jersey? Only the top riders or something like that?  Just curious.

I searched the KB and Community forum and can’t find my exact answer.

I think it’s one of these:


Ok cool, thanks Paul!

I think that might be the jersey everyone wears by default for that event. I rode a couple different events over the past 2 weeks where everyone defaulted to a specific jersey. 

Hi Marko,  Yup, that’s exactly what it was. Everyone wore one of the jerseys from the link Paul posted above. I didn’t see it in my user customization screen as a jersey to pick after the race was over, so it must just be a single ride thing. Thanks!