How do the jerseys work?

I did TdZ stage 6 catch-up last night and due to rushing home from work didn’t have chance to do a warm up.

I therefore took the first lap pretty steadily and tried to speed up a bit on the second. There were only about 72 riders doing the event and I was so far back that I thought I’d just have a crack at the sprints (Richmond, so there are 2) instead of trying to make up ground.

On the first sprint I could see that a rider about 1 minute up the road had the green jersey. When I topped the time sheet I thought that I’d get it, but nothing happened.

About 5-6 minutes later you get to the second, again I could see that the same rider had picked that up as he now had two jerseys next to his name (1x green & 1x rust coloured which I assumed was for the second sprint). Again I topped the time sheet, but nothing changed with the jerseys.

Did I do something wrong? Have I got completely the wrong end of the stick re how these things work?


If you’re in an event, often you are in the event jersey. Even if you get a sprint, KoM or lap jersey, you won’t see yourself wearing it until the event ends and you’re back riding normally.

But wouldn’t they move against the relevant names on the right hand side tracker?

Something odd with jerseys in the TDZ races. Twice now I have been given KOM and sprint jerseys (Innsbruck and Richmond) when I hadn’t got anywhere near the fastest time on either


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Strange, I noticed that the guy with both sprint jerseys in Richmond last night wasn’t in the top 15 either.

Probably me…

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7:25pm (UK) A?

Your name does look familiar :rofl:

That’s me - I would have waited for you, but I didnt have a spare 15 minutes … :grin:

I should keep quiet, got dropped by my group of 4 on Libby St first lap and did the rest of the ride on my own


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You were only about 1:15 ahead of me at the time of the sprints, might have gone out a bit when I got to the climbs.

At least we have the pancake flats of Yorkshire to finish off TDZ this weekend.

No doubt glory awaits us both

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No, I did that when it was scheduled, just catching up on 6 last night.

Thats a shame. For me. The trouble with the catch-ups is the small numbers. Not so easy to stay with a group if there are only 30 odd riders. That’s my excuse.

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It is also possible that the jerseys you were seeing were the top FEMALE for those segments. This might account for why you didn’t see the name in the top 15 in the list on the left side of the screen. Additionally, the ‘rust’ jersey (it is actually orange) is for the top lap time. I believe the sprint jerseys are always green, except on Fuego Flats in Watopia.

And 23 of those 30 are consistent 4w/kg riders. . .

That definitely what it is Dan. I cannot think of any other possible explanation why I’m not at the front of the pack…


Something is way off on jerseys. I have seen people get jerseys who blatantly did not have the best time - like not even close - and others who clearly had the best time, didn’t get one.

It awarded me KOM and a sprint jersey today in the TdW group ride which didn’t even go over the KOM or a sprint which was relevant.

It’s all screwed up if you ask me

Likewise, at the end of a ride I did on Sunday morning (Dirt XL) it told me that I’d got the sprint jersey. The route didn’t go through the sprint…

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