Mobile app camera angle bug

(Andy Gramata) #1

I’m really liking the mobile app so far. The emotes add another dimension to the game and definitely build on the social aspect.

When I was cycling through the camera angles the other day (while pedaling), my avatar actually went off the road and appeared to hit a rock. After that I was instantly teleported back to the start/finish. I have not been able to reproduce the bug again, but I’ll definitely keep trying. After uploading that ride to Strava, it actually shows my teleport back to the start, crossing the center of the island.

On a completely different topic, has there been any thought about integrating some sort of voice chat into the game via the phone app? My friends and I have used Skype and that seems to work pretty well. Once more friends get accepted into beta (or once you go live), I can see how being able to communicate with voice will be huge. It would really make for some fun rides.

Maybe give folks the ability to create a voice chat channel with the phone app, based off their friends list/race team group/etc.

Anyhow…ride on and keep up the good work!

(Peter deMos) #2

How do you get the phone app? I have searched and cannot find anything zwift

(Andy Gramata) #3

I got an email invite from Zwift. It’s not available via the app store yet. I would assume that more beta testers will be getting them as things progress.

(Scott) #4

The teleporting issue should be resolved, but do let us know if you encounter it again. You’re thinking re: voice chat is right in line with the direction we’re heading. Step one is the friends list on the mobile.

We’ll be sending out more beta invites for the iOS Zwift Mobile Link app in the New Year. Apple’s TestFlight is in lockdown right now for the holidays. Android version soon to follow.