Hello, i am a beginner so please have patience with me :slight_smile:

i bought the following home trainer 

http://www.decathlon.ro/p/8369393_set-home-trainer-superchrono-force-1090-wai.html#/2-254-_ and i read on data sheet that is compatible with misuro b+ sensor…and i bought also the sensor. after connecting everything (the magnet in the special place and the sensor close to it on about 15 cm) i am trying to connect my tablet - samsung tab 4 with misuro but i am receiving “that the connection is rejected”. i am seeing through bluetooth the sensor but i cant connect them. what can i do? please if you can help me …

Hi Vladoiu,

There are a lot of forum posts about the Misuro.

You can try the search function:


Maybe this will help you.


the misuro b+ is just not compatible, all posts show issue going back 2 years at least… why lie to customers with bold letters that read “zwift” on the side of the box when it is obviously a lie.  lets start a class action!!!