Missing run sessions from Samsung Galaxy Active 2 watch

Hey Zwifters,

Some Zwifters are reporting that their experience points aren’t matching their actual level. This is being investigated and I edit this post with updates as we receive them. Thank you for your patience!

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Any news on this issue?

For me it is the run level, that isn’t updated in the companion app. Level changes are showing up, but in-Level progress can only be seen inside the game, not in the app (Same for iOS and Android).
The bar always remains at the beginning of a level.
Ride progress shows up perfectly.

I waited in chats, wrote emails etc. But Zwift didn’t answer and now I found this tread.

My levels and shown runs are different in companion and my.zwift.com.

Maybe someone can contact me and help me with this problem.

The levels on my.zwift.com are for biking only.

Can you elaborate a little more on your issue.

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Hello Paul. I have difference in my.zwift.com and the companion app. The app shows I am on level 3 and all my runs. But on win 10 in my chrome browser I see running stats level 1 and only 3 runs. Also I noticed my last 2 runs 5km and 3.2 km on win 10 with Zwift didn’t upload to Strava. Not a good start for me.
Maybe this is cause I am running a free version and not paid for an account till now?

You keep saying Runs, again my.zwift.com ONLY shows you biking level. Make sure you are looking at the correct sport.

There is no difference between the trial and paid version of Zwift.

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Yes I only use running. Still does not explain why I see more in the companion. App then in my browser. And why did my last runs not upload to Strava.

In the Zwift App and the Zwift Companion App you can see BOTH Running and Riding Levels, but on my.zwift.com you can ONLY see Riding Levels. Meaning that is you have never biked using Zwift you will see you are at level 1 on my.zwift.com

You can manually upload activities to Strava, if you need some assistance let me know.

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Ok. Clear on level. In companion I see all activity and my Trainingsplan activity. See pics enclosed. But in browser I only see three of them. Does Trainingsplan not show up in activities? And is that why those runs did not upload to Strava ?

What do you mean by “Trainingsplan”

Have you done more than 3 activities? I am only seeing 3 in your images.

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I will try to make better screenshots to explain. One moment.


These are all companion app pictures. You see activities on frontpage and under activities. And you see Trainingsplan with the green V Button s.

The activities uploaded to Strava but the Trainingsplan ones 3x not.

Ist it clearer this way?

OK, You mean Zwift Training Plans, I was not sure, thanks for clarifying that.

I am seeing only 3 Zwift Training Runs, which do/could match up with the runs in the other image. Did you do runs outside the training plan?

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Yes I also did some run around when I started running. Those are the ones shown as in this pic.

I am lost since I can only see what you are posting in the screen shots since you have your profile set to Private.

Do you have a screenshot of the other runs? I am only seeing the same 3.

I think if you click there by the X you should see more activities.

I Think B and E should be on the next page.

Thx. That explains already more. Seems I am missing the runs in week 2 On the next page I also see only these:

I will set my profile to open. So you can see all