Missing Route Badge PRL Half


i rode PRL Half twice in the last weeks. But no route Badge.
The first ride was a workout:
Activity ID: 1321695020629098528

The second one was a race:
Activity ID 1338249827594551328
Event ID:3688085

I also have it on Strava if that helps and can upload the race on YouTube…

I dont care about the route badge at all, just a bit annoying as I try to level up quicker.
Maybe its cause I am not a paying member right now? I just remember getting route badges with the free version in the past…

Anyone having the same issues? Anyway to get the xp manually?

Riiiiiide on

You still earn badges despite being a free user.

The question is how have you ridden the length of the PRL hand without having an active subscription?

thats an easy question. If you exceed your free km you can continue as long as you want but are not allowed to ride another ride in the same month.

Ah, i guess the two rides were several weeks apart then.

Hi @Cobi_Weidlich_7228

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I’m sorry that you’ve been having this issue. I took a look at your account, I can see those rides. While I’m not entirely sure why the badge didn’t unlock on your account, I have manually added it and you should be able to see that badge on your dashboard now.

There’s been some updates to how XP is showing up that happened in a recent update that has caused some confusion on how that is seen now a days. I double checked those rides and do see that the XP earned on those rides has been credited to you.

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Are you sure on this? I have seen elsewhere that you can continue to ride after the 25 free km, but that XP, drops, and achievements are not awarded after the 25km is up. No idea if this is correct, or not, just wondering which version is correct.

I was referring to the 25km trial period Nigel.

No idea what happens after that.

Got it. The PRL half would clearly be longer than the 25km free miles, so perhaps that is why the badge was not earned.

I rode on Friday the PRL half and I don’t see my badge either…. Can someone help me?

Hi @Maria_Kala1 ,

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I’ve checked your account and can see that activity, I have added that badge to your list of completed routes. You should be able to see that next time you log in.

I can’t thank you enough !!!

Thank you so much!