No badge or XP, Z thought I was on free trial

Did Chasing the Sun but no badge or XP. A follower did same km successfully at the same time. During the ride Z started messaging that my free trail was ending and counting off the kms left. I had to click two buttons to get it to go away, I’ve used Z for over a year. The ride data was recorded, and gave me a sprinter’s jersey, but no badge or XP. Customer support could not restore XPs, and suggested if it happens again, try restoring purchase, but Z doesn’t offer that for PCs. If this happens again, how do I avert loss of XPs? If it was a long ride, I would be very upset.

This can happen sometimes with accounts that use iTunes as a payment method as a result of how the two systems interact with each other. It seems to only happen if you’re currently Zwifting when the payment receipts are sent so if you took note of the day and time you might be able to schedule your rides around it. Another option would be to switch to a direct membership.