Badge when out of subscription

My subscription is over, I have 25km free ride available.
If I ride a new route bigger than 25km, will I get the badge at the end of the route ?
Thank you for your answer, enjoy your rides :slight_smile:

Short answer: No.

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Yes, you will. You can continue the ride, you just won’t get drops and XP points.

So 2 answers : yes and no :slight_smile:
not esay to know

Zwift can be quite quirky at times.

I say no badge but why don’t you give it a go and let us know?


My experience: I get XPs (but not the extra XPs for finishing the new route), but no Drops and no Badge. Still remember my disappointment after finishing a long new route in trial mode and discovering that I didn’t get the badge.

Sorry, Tomaz, but you are wrong. I recently experienced this scenario myself.

  • You can continue the ride
  • You get XP points, but not the extra XPs for finishing the route
  • You won´t get drops
  • You won´t get the route badge