Missing efforts (Zwift Insider Verified) Lutscher and Lutscher CCW

First I am not sure if this is a Strava or Zwift problem. On consecutive days SEP 28 & 29, 2020 I completed both the Lutscher and Lutscher CCW courses on Zwift.

In Zwift, I was awarded a badge for each. When I click the Strava icon in ZwiftHub for either of these rides the Strava (Zwift Insider Verified) page does not show either of my efforts for these two rides, yes I am logged in to Strava. I am recovering from a Brain Stem Stroke that I suffered in July 2020 and am currently on a mission to complete all of the available Badge Rides Zwift has to offer and found this odd. The two Lutscher rides seem to be the only efforts that have been affected. Can I fix this?

download the .fit file from zwift and upload it on strava manually…

I will try this and reply back…Thnx

OK I tried to upload to strava and this it what was returned. “2020-09-28-09-04-41.fit duplicate of activity 4123753179” The rides are in Strava,they just don’t show up on the Zwift Insider Verified Strava courses for either? Guessing I could delete the original and retry the upload, or just let it be.

FAIL :roll_eyes: