Strava Achievements missing


New Zwift rider here, but I couldn’t find this question answered anywhere. My Zwift rides are being uploaded to Garmin & Strava just fine however, they’re aren’t any achievements attached to them in Strava. My past 2 rides have both been PRs, so they should have been awarded.

Does this have anything to do with my setup? I’m using a dumb trainer with a Garmin Speed sensor. Since I’m not using a HR monitor, cadence sensor and/or power meter, could this have any effect on it?


This is more a question for Strava than Zwift. It is Strava’s system that looks at the ride data and calculates any PRs - Zwift just supplies the raw data.
It could also be that in Strava there is no segment set up for the ride you did, so there is nothing to match it to. Again, this is a Strava issue, not Zwift

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