Missing Activities (iPad)

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I’m a newbie at Zwift and I tried out Zwift since a week.
I have used a TACX 2T NEO Smart-Trainer and for Zwift I used an iPad. For the first 3 rides everything worked fine. At the 4th ride I was not able to upload my activity. There is a file pending “InProgressActivity” on my iPad and no further activities are stored at Zwift.
I tried out the workaround with file correction and uploaded it to Strava, but the crashed activity was also not uploaded to Zwift. The next ride was with my computer. I did a workout and everything worked fine. Next problem is that my overall distance is calculated wrong. I’m missing the km (23 km) from the crashed activity.The overall distance is 55 km instead of 78 km. When I click on the distance from the last 30 days the distance is calculated right with 78 km.
Is there a way to correct this? I see no chance for a file-upload to Zwift.
Thanks to all of you for your helpful answers.

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If you would, please post details of your setup - what model iPad, OS it’s running, Zwift app version, information about your WiFi network etc. Dave has posted a guide to getting support, here:

If you haven’t seen it already as well, we have a monthly megathread of resources. They’re not specific to troubleshooting but the first link in it is to a list of current app versions.

Hi CJ,
thanks for your answer with very helpful hints.
My question is only if there is a way to store a .fit-file back to Zwift to restore crashed activities.
I don’t want to use my iPad anymore, in future i will use my computer for rides. But it is annoying that there is no possibility to fix a crashed activity. In my case I have deleted the activity via the Zwift Companion App and now I have lost 23 km. Not nice, because a loose of the internet connection can happen sometimes.
If I understand many articles in the forum right there is way to store the repaired activities in Strava, Garmin, etc.
This is not an acceptable work-around for me because i share my activities with friends only in Zwift.
As far as I understand there is no way back to Zwift from Strava, Garmin, etc.
I that right? No way back to Zwift to correct the activity?
I cannot believe it, because why you have this option in other platforms but not on Zwift?

Thanks for your feedback in advance.

BR, Chris

Correct, Zwift wont allow repaired fit file uploads back into your Activity List.