Mismatch between totals and details

I have completed a 50km activity today, and the totals on Zwift and Zwift power show that:

zwift activity 983217947902214160

  • Distance

  • Time
    1h 22m 42s

  • Elevation

  • Calories

However, on the details and on the Sync withy Strava only the first 10 minutes show…

strava activities 6459494480

  • 7,46km

  • 10:00
    Tempo de movimento

Looking at your activity on Companion App, the ride map also shows the 10k that Strava shows. Thats indicative of a data/network error. It could be a one-off or could be something that has crept into your environment. Suggest a router reboot and maybe check with ISP to see if they have had problems.

You can also pop your log file onto zwiftalizer.com and check for any errors showing up there.

It must have been some network error…
I was able to retrieve the fit file using the “3 taps on the logo” on my phone: “zwiftinsider” “retrieve-lost-ride”
And then using the “Fit File Tools” to fix the dates on fit file.

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