Activity not added to Miles Logged, Strava, or Garmin

After completion of my daily 10 mile ride, my mileage on the Zwift web dashboard is stuck at 9.5 miles, instead of the 10 I rode, and has not added to my overall mileage total at the top of the page. My activity was also not synced to Strava or Garmin as it always does after ride completion. I had to manually upload the .FIT file to Strava and Garmin to track my ride progress. My big complaint now is that my OCD is getting the best of me because my ZWIFT dashboard mileage is now 10 miles less than my Strava totals. 

This can be caused be a disruption of your internet connection.

Has this happened on more than one occasion Neil?

No, this is the first time this has happened to me.

Hi Neil, 

As mentioned, this is usually due to your ride not fully saving properly, typically due to a connection failure. 

Here’s a few tips for next time:

* If you’re on WiFi and your signal strength is only a couple bars, try and improve that, either by moving closer to your router or running an Ethernet cable if possible. Other products like range extenders and powerline adapters may also be worth considering.
* If you’re running other Internet-intensive applications at the same time as Zwift, try shutting them off to see if it reduces problems. This includes video and music streaming services, as well as other online games.
* If you can’t get a consistently strong signal, you may want to consider using your mobile device as a hotspot and connecting that for your Internet connection.