Are stats/ activities broken?

(Brenton Parker) #1

So I did the London loop last night, 9.3 miles. My free trial just ran out but I’m going to renew. I noticed though that it did not record my ride. It says I rode 4.3 miles, not 9.3. is this a common occurrence? Or did I somehow mess up the ride so that it didn’t record?

(Paul Allen) #2

It could have been your WiFi, your connection to the internet, or depending on what time your ride was it could have been the maintenance that was done:

(Brenton Parker) #3

Ok cool… Yeah I was hoping that wasn’t a common theme. I have two rides so far and one didn’t record properly… Not a good look for a new member but I’m gonna stick with it. Seems like it’ll be a fun way to get in shape.

(Andre Hufschmid) #4

I have never had a problem with the distance not recording correctly and i have ridden thousands of kilometers on Zwift so i assume it was due to maintenance or you might have lost connection to the server.

(Jade Waits) #5

Hi Brenton! Activities not recording shouldn’t be related to running out of free trial miles, unless you happened to run out during the very ride you’re referring to. Another possibility is that you were disconnected from the Internet at some point, causing the ride to only save partially.

The good news is that you should have file saved locally.) on your device which you can upload to any third-party fitness site you use, like Strava. If the issue persists, you can always open a ticket with us and send over your log filesso that we can take a deeper look!

Ride On :slight_smile: