Kilometers in activity, but not in the dashboard

Hey guys,

my activities are all listed, but my yesterdays ride is not shown at the overall dashboard the 33,3km are missing. I restarted Zwift but it didn’t help. My ride in the morning has been correct added.

Is this a known problem?





I think this is a kinda-sort-of known problem Thorsten. The problem seems to revolve around internet drop-outs and such.

As I understand it, Zwift updates your stats incrementally. If you get a drop-out while Zwift is saving you could end up with a shorter final stat than you actually rode.

The .fit file saved locally on your device should be correct but you cannot update Zwift with that file, yet.

Ride On! 

I have the problem too, it annoys somehow. The KM-bar is at standstill since level 25. The reward selection shows 2 new things (star with 2) but there is nothing new in the selection. already twice this week I broke off the connection to the Tacx neo.Grrrr…



There is no levels beyond 25 right now.

OK. somehow I missed the information. I’m calm now. With regards from Bavaria Rob