Mio Fuse cannot connect Zwift nor ZML.

I have been using Mio Fuse for my heart rate monitoring. There has been no problem with the BLE connection between the Mio Fuse and other iphone Apps (Mio Health app and Cyclometer). 

However, when I try to connect Mio Fuse from Zwift iOS, I cannot find it. I also tried to connect it using Zwift Mobile Link. Since my Mio Fuse has been working fine with other app in my iPhone, I just wonder if there is any compatible issue between my HRM and Zwift. 

Can you let me know if the Mio Fuse is in the compatible device list. If not, do you have any plan to put the device in the list?

Also, can you let me know which HRM monitor is working with Zwift by BLE for sure? I tried to find the compatible list of HRM, but could not find it in the website. I don’t want to have breast band and prefer wrist band style. 

Thank you

I have the same problem with the Mio Link.  Works fine on the iOS Strava app, but Zwift Mobile Link / PC can’t see it.

I have same problem. I had used well past month.
I think Zwift don’t find Miofuse after updating IOS version. But Other apps conection is good with Miofuse.