Minimal API support for follower management

This has been tangentially requested a couple of places that I found, but never with any resolution.

I follow more people than is probably necessary, because I like giving people little boosts during their rides, and as such, I have hit the max following/follower cap [which is mildly annoying that it exists, but I get it]. I’d like to review my followings/followers, but there doesn’t appear to be much support for this.

The web interface for my profile only lists 200 people regardless of what I do [and it’s always the same 200 people, so I can’t iterate on that]. I could probably scrape my network traffic to retrieve the data being sent to the Zwift Companion app, as this does seem to be able to get the full list [with enough scrolling], and then set up a normal web scraper to pull each of their profiles [and their list of followers] individually, but this is a lot of requests that the Zwift IT team would probably be unhappy with me for making.

What I’d like is an API that could provide the following: A list of people I’m following, including names, unique IDs, last logged in date, if they’re following me back, the number of times I’ve given them a ride on [say in the last month], and the number of times they’ve given me a ride on. Outside of the last logged on date, all of this information is already publicly available, just scattered over a bunch of pages that it feels silly to aggregate.

My web searches have indicated that there used to be a public API, but it was removed/changed so that most people can’t access it [and also possibly so that you can’t retrieve this type of information from it, which makes it kind of useless for my desires].

Is this a reasonable request? Is there a reason that no such API exists?

My guess is not enough customers would use it to justify developing and supporting the feature

it’s probably a similar request to List/ Filter other Zwifters we are following - #11 by Alexandre_Martins1 if you read Zwifts answere there i suspect the same response will apply to you unfortunately.

Yeah, I read that response. It basically misrepresents the issue that was being asked. I’m not looking to filter the global list, or even retrieve any of the traditionally protected categories of information [even if they’re already publicly visible]. I just want to see a subset of information that has already been shared with me in a way that is convenient and not resource-intensive on the host end.

I’d also like to be able to export my own activity history so that I can run more interesting [to me] statistical analyses on it.

indieVelo released an API and Log-Data few days ago. In short time apps and overlays have been developed by the community.