Mileage Totals

All of my rides seem to be saved and accurate, but the mileage totals are off.  For example, earlier this week I rode about 16 miles and when I started my total mileage was 304 and when I finished, the total was still 304.  I used a calculator to add up my rides since signing up in December and the total seems to be off by a fair amount.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 

This is a know issue, seems a lot of people are having it. I know Zwift is working on it, but you might want to submit a ticket with your log files to help them resolve the issue and so you get your mileage corrected:


Hi Mark.

I have been having the same issue. It has been really noticeable the past few weeks. My ride data saves one day and not the next. I’ve been trying to get the TRON bike and should have had it 2 weeks ago. It is hard to get when the metres you climb don’t save. I have submitted a ticket for it. Like Paul said, they are working on it. I hope there is a fix soon because it is very annoying.