Microsoft Surface Book 2 15"

Looks this device is still not supported? connection via ANt + is not adjusting resistance of my Kickr Core, and when I search for Bluetooth no device at all is found. I tried on a cheap HP and it works well, resistance on Ant+ and found via Bluetooth. Any workaround?

Its a shame as the Surface has a GeForce 1060 and the graphic of the cheap HP looks odd.

Whats the best option here? Ipad and connect to TV, or Apple TV?

Ugh. I have used Zwift on my Surface Go. Works OK as long as nothing else sucks up resources. Tried both Ant+ and BT (curiosity kills the cat). There were some BT problems later on, I remember, with some particular Windows 10 build, but I’m on the Insiders channel and never had that (I used that build months before it was released and BT was fine for me). :man_shrugging:

Since I do most of my development work On The Go (get it? :grin:) I’m very happy with Zwifting on the Apple TV. Graphics can be better, but then, even in 4K Zwift looks like Halo from a decade ago anyway.

HI there, thanks for the reply. Meanwhile I figured out it comes probably from my Ant + stick. This guy is reveiving data (HR) but obviously not sending anything (to the Kickr). I now managed to connect via BT and it works. Much more fun now…

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If you have a chance to test it with other hardware, try to get it replaced if it’s botched.

I really like BT for the convenience (and no choice without additional adapters anyway in my case), but ANT+ has undeniable perks.

Good you got it working. :slight_smile: